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Exercising my Second Amendment rights

I went to a gun show today. And came home with a .38 revolver and a .22 rifle. The rifle is for fun. The revolver is for protection. I am now an armed American. Mind you, I won’t be shooting … Continue reading

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My Second Amendment lesson

I went for my second shooting lesson today, which I think you could call my second Second Amendment lesson. The teacher this time was Joe, a friend of my last teacher’s, who also happens to be an ex-police officer. Joe … Continue reading

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In celebration of Heller

In celebration of the Heller decision, I will be going to my second shooting lesson tomorrow. Or, as my friend Sarah puts it, I’m going to go shooty-bang-bang. Report, and maybe pictures, tomorrow evening.

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The news

For some reason, there’s little I want to write about today. I have nothing to say about the Colorado church shootings, except to express my horror and shock. The fact that the church had an armed guard probably saved many … Continue reading

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Girls with guns

I grew up in New Jersey, and was taught to hate handguns. Really. Shotguns and rifles were okay if you hunted (not that I ever had the desire to hunt), but handguns? Evil. Death machines. The only reason to have … Continue reading

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