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The chutzpah of Michael Bloomberg

There are just so, so many things wrong with this quote from Michael Bloomberg… But if he senses that he may not have as much time left as he would like, he has little doubt about what would await him … Continue reading

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I met a man today

This was posted by long_rifle in comments of a post from last year. I thought I’d bring it out of mothballs. I met a person today that I NEVER thought I’d meet in person. I met him on June 22, … Continue reading

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Not here, you won’t

Just say no: If you’re looking for news on the cruise ship that lost power and became the cruise from hell, you’ll have to go somewhere else for the details. STOP RUINING THE NARRATIVE! Israeli soldiers treat wounded Syrians near … Continue reading

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NY Times discovers women like to shoot

The New York Times has noticed that not all Second Amendment advocates are male. In the debate over firearms regulations, the voices of gun owners have largely been those of men. But at firing ranges across the country, a growing … Continue reading

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When the police are minutes away, seconds matter

David Frum on how safe Americans really are, so they don’t need guns: The police can protect you, and will, and do. And a gun in the house is not a guarantee of personal security — it is instead a … Continue reading

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What’s on Meryl’s night table?

I thought I’d share the contents of my night table with my readers. The all-important items: A clock radio, a book light, a Chapstick, a phone, and a gun. It’s in a Lifejacket clamshell with the key inside, so that … Continue reading

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What a difference a gun makes

I heard a loud noise from downstairs a little while ago. Both cats are upstairs, and it was a loud, metallic crash, so I thought it was something in the laundry room. That’s a small room off the kitchen and … Continue reading

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Guns and frozes

Where in the world was Meryl this morning? Up in the Poconos, taking her nephew shooting in 6 degree weather (-2 when factoring in the wind chill). He had a great time.             So did … Continue reading

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Birthday bang

For the past few years, I’ve tried to do things on my birthday that I haven’t done before, or that challenge me, or that make me feel younger. So today, I went, as Sarah likes to put it, “Shooty-bang-bang.” I … Continue reading

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Don’t mess with Grandma

Check this out. An 85-year-old woman stopped a punk from robbing her—with a .22 pistol. LAKE LYNN, Pa. — An 85-year-old great-grandmother from Lake Lynn, Fayette County kept an alleged burglar at bay using a .22-caliber pistol. According to police, … Continue reading

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Exercising my Second Amendment rights

I went to a gun show today. And came home with a .38 revolver and a .22 rifle. The rifle is for fun. The revolver is for protection. I am now an armed American. Mind you, I won’t be shooting … Continue reading

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My Second Amendment lesson

I went for my second shooting lesson today, which I think you could call my second Second Amendment lesson. The teacher this time was Joe, a friend of my last teacher’s, who also happens to be an ex-police officer. Joe … Continue reading

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In celebration of Heller

In celebration of the Heller decision, I will be going to my second shooting lesson tomorrow. Or, as my friend Sarah puts it, I’m going to go shooty-bang-bang. Report, and maybe pictures, tomorrow evening.

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The news

For some reason, there’s little I want to write about today. I have nothing to say about the Colorado church shootings, except to express my horror and shock. The fact that the church had an armed guard probably saved many … Continue reading

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Girls with guns

I grew up in New Jersey, and was taught to hate handguns. Really. Shotguns and rifles were okay if you hunted (not that I ever had the desire to hunt), but handguns? Evil. Death machines. The only reason to have … Continue reading

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