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Tuesday morning briefs

Netanyahu to Turkey: Bite me. NFW will Israel be apologizing to Turkey for killing nine terrorists—sorry, “activists”—who attacked IDF soldiers while they were rapelling down from helicopters and sitting in boats alongside the Marvel of Mumbles. And oh, yeah—there’s also … Continue reading

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Sunday long weekend briefs

Yeah, that outreach is really working: Iran is now practically declaring that Lebanon is its client state: They’re not even trying to hide it anymore, so the big question is: Will Iran go to war with Israel if there is … Continue reading

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Muslim ERA watch

Students at an Islamic university in India are demanding that their female teachers wear the all-covering burqa—the sack with the wire mesh for the eyes. The teacher, who is also Muslim, refuses to wear one. Sirin Middya, who described herself … Continue reading

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Muslim ERA watch: Hamastan bans hairdressers

In 2007, the New York Times happily published a lying op-ed by Ahmed Yousef that said, among other things: “Palestinians want, on their terms, the same thing Western societies want: self-determination, modernity, access to markets and their own economic power, … Continue reading

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New Year’s Eve snark

Jimmy Carter’s moderate buds call for the end of Israel: The “moderate” Hamas calls for all of Jerusalem to “remain” Islamic. Not just the eastern part (which contains the Jewish Quarter, but hey, why let a few facts that occurred … Continue reading

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Gaza ERA watch

Say, folks, it’s true: Islam is totally a feminist religion. Why, just look at what Hamas is going to do in Gaza! Hamas authorities on Thursday asked several educational institutions in southern Gaza Strip to segregate males and females in … Continue reading

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Muslim ERA Watch, Egypt version

Ladies of Egypt, rejoice! You can wear pants—BUT—they can’t be tight. Or see-through. Or stretch pants. Egypt’s top Islamic authority defended women’s rights to wear trousers in public following a high profile court case in neighboring Sudan were women were … Continue reading

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Monday SNB

Yeah, sure. And you’ve perfected the flying carpet, too: Iran says it’s developed weapons systems that will intercept stealth missiles. I think I can still hear the peals of laughter from the Pentagon over this report. Hamas backs off on … Continue reading

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Saudi ERA Watch, AP whitewash edition

How cool is this? Wow, a member of the Saudi royal family says he sure does hope that someday, little girls in Saudi Arabia can grow up to play sports! (But not with men. Never with men.) Appealing to a … Continue reading

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Saudi ERA Watch: Women should be slapped

Once again, the Saudis prove that they’re stuck square in the middle of the seventh century. A Saudi judge told a conference on domestic violence that a man has the right to slap a wife who spends money wastefully and … Continue reading

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Saudi ERA Watch: 75-year-old widow to be whipped

The Saudis have sentenced a 75-year-old widow to jail and lashes for the crime of “mingling” with men who are not related. Except that one of them was. The men were sentenced and whipped. A 75-year-old widow in Saudi Arabia … Continue reading

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International Women’s Day, Israel vs. the Muslim world

In Israel on International Women’s Day, former president Moshe Katsav was indicted for rape. In Saudi Arabia, the AP flacks for the kingdom point out that women can now attend the Riyadh International Book Fair for more than the two … Continue reading

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Arab men seeking Israeli women for LTR

Apparently, some Arabs only hate Israeli men. “I’m asking for your help. I would like to meet an Israeli woman for marriage purposes,” Abdullah, a resident of Saudi Arabia, said in a recent letter to the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem. … Continue reading

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The most awesomely awesome night of television

Many years ago, Friday night TV was must-tape. At 8:00, you had Babylon 5. At nine, there was X-Files. At ten, time for Picket fences. Three different networks, three different kinds of shows, and all three excellent. It got to … Continue reading

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Bill Zwecker: What did Rhianna do to get beaten up, anyway?

You would think that these attitudes were dead and gone. You would be wrong. Because here you have a newspaper gossip columnist blaming the victim for bringing her beating on herself. In fact, he goes on and on trying to … Continue reading

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