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Ninth light

And last, but not least, a picture of the ninth night of Hanukkah.

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Occupy Wall Street made me do it.

In honor of Occupy Wall Street, I’m buying a Kindle today. I will go to Staples on my lunch hour and pick one, then buy it on Amazon. (I have gift cards. I can wait two days to get it.) … Continue reading

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[email protected]

Looks like the assholes at Move Over AIPAC don’t want their email address scraped by spambots. Oops. Pass it on. (This is why I don’t write for, oh, Commentary. Unlike Omri, I can’t stamp out my tendency to be evil.)

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Oh, boy. You know, this “aside” business has created a monster. Do you remember what happened eight or nine years ago when I discovered the title attribute to the hyperlink? Hoo-wee, we’re gonna have some fun here. Why, it’s like … Continue reading

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Open auditions

This has been a really crappy 24 hours for me. If any Israel-haters out there want to tell me what they think of Israel and my blog, now would be a perfect time to do it. Perfect for me, anyway.

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The founder of Jews for Jesus is dead?

I missed this in the news last month. Moishe Rosen, former Orthodox Jew who founded Jews for Jesus, is dead. I hear the Mormons posthumously baptized him.

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A repentant troll?

Wow, you guys need to check out this comment. I think my anti-Semitic comment troll has seen the light!

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What the Obama speech really said

Here, I think, is the simplest example of what Obama’s Cairo speech did to Israel.

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Thought for the day

If the Israel/Jewish Lobby is so powerful, howcome we can’t get Nazi-lover Pat Buchanan to STFU?

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Stimulus envy

It’s a direct quote about Obama: “You know, I’m concerned about the size of the package.” —House GOP Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio).

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