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Ninth light

And last, but not least, a picture of the ninth night of Hanukkah.

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Occupy Wall Street made me do it.

In honor of Occupy Wall Street, I’m buying a Kindle today. I will go to Staples on my lunch hour and pick one, then buy it on Amazon. (I have gift cards. I can wait two days to get it.) … Continue reading

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[email protected]

Looks like the assholes at Move Over AIPAC don’t want their email address scraped by spambots. Oops. Pass it on. (This is why I don’t write for, oh, Commentary. Unlike Omri, I can’t stamp out my tendency to be evil.)

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Oh, boy. You know, this “aside” business has created a monster. Do you remember what happened eight or nine years ago when I discovered the title attribute to the hyperlink? Hoo-wee, we’re gonna have some fun here. Why, it’s like … Continue reading

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Open auditions

This has been a really crappy 24 hours for me. If any Israel-haters out there want to tell me what they think of Israel and my blog, now would be a perfect time to do it. Perfect for me, anyway.

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The founder of Jews for Jesus is dead?

I missed this in the news last month. Moishe Rosen, former Orthodox Jew who founded Jews for Jesus, is dead. I hear the Mormons posthumously baptized him.

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A repentant troll?

Wow, you guys need to check out this comment. I think my anti-Semitic comment troll has seen the light!

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What the Obama speech really said

Here, I think, is the simplest example of what Obama’s Cairo speech did to Israel.

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Thought for the day

If the Israel/Jewish Lobby is so powerful, howcome we can’t get Nazi-lover Pat Buchanan to STFU?

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Stimulus envy

It’s a direct quote about Obama: “You know, I’m concerned about the size of the package.” —House GOP Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio).

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Because the anti-Israel crowd just doesn’t get it

Because the anti-Israel crowd is made up of really stupid people, and because I feel the need to channel my inner Hulk, I think it’s time once again to tell all of the tiny-brained, tiny-penised neo-Nazis, as well as the … Continue reading

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Paper stronger than steel

Via Glenn Reynolds, they’re making paper that’s stronger than steel, using nanotechnology. Rosie O’Donnell says that fire can’t burn it.

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OPEC cut is backfiring on them

This is great news: Oil options contracts to sell crude at $50 by December almost tripled today after an OPEC decision to slash production failed to allay concerns that the global economic slump is hurting demand. The cost of the … Continue reading

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A note to would-be comment spammers from spamblogs

Yes, you people are getting more and more clever. Yes, I’ve almost fallen for your crap more than once. And yet, you have not gotten anywhere by spamming my comments with links to your blog surrounding your insipid comment that … Continue reading

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A note to would-be comment trolls

No, I am never going to approve a comment that uses the words McSame/Failin’ or any other comment that contains no insights, no actual commentary, no intelligence, and is nothing but an illiterate, uneducated Rethuglicans are eeeeeeeevil! sentiment. And for … Continue reading

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