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Tech question follow-up

And now it’s working. I did nothing. The wrappers are back on Hot Air, and since I didn’t get around to recreating my Firefox profiles, well, I did nothing. It wasn’t working yesterday. It’s working now. Go figure. Score another … Continue reading

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Tech question

Anyone out there using Firefox and NoScript? I installed it earlier this week, then got really tired of having to pick and choose what sites I would let show scripts, so I uninstalled it. Now it doesn’t show the proper … Continue reading

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Calling all computer geeks

Folks, I dropped my WD portable hard drive. It’s not spinning properly. Best Buy’s Geek Squad thinks it’s pretty much done unless I want to spend over $1500. I can pretty much recover the data I need for work, but … Continue reading

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Leet Islamic haxxor d00dz take down Zionist websites

Roee Nahmias is hereby officially pronounced an Apprentice of Juvenile Scorn™ for this story about the PIJ haxxor d00dz incredible hacking skillz. Islamic Jihad operatives have been able to hack into several Israeli websites, the London-based Arabic-language newspaper al-Sharq al-Awsat … Continue reading

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RoboSoldier is near

The IDF will be deploying robotic machine guns to guard the Gaza border. My forecast: Expect a lot more reports about 65-year-old men killed while tending their farms, no matter how many terrorists get killed. First report: A new system … Continue reading

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Admiral Grace Hopper

In honor of Women’s History Month at work, we were given a talk on women in computing. Part of the presentation was playing this YouTube video of the late Rear Admiral Grace Hopper on Late Night with David Letterman. It … Continue reading

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The DKos visit count non-issue: Ruffini’s wrong

There is no controversy regarding the Daily Kos visit count. Patrick Ruffini is misunderstanding the difference between what SiteMeter shows you on a summary page, and what is counted as a visit or a hit. SiteMeter is not inflating DKos’ … Continue reading

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The laptop, she is back!

It’s back, and they did not reformat the hard drive. The keyboard seems to be working. I’ll check the battery later, as I simply don’t want to have to reboot. But geez, it’s nice to have a 17-inch screen again. … Continue reading

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I sent my HP laptop to the shop to get the keyboard and battery issue fixed. I asked about reformatting the hard drive, since I know that the knee-jerk reaction of all techs when faced with a laptop that doesn’t … Continue reading

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Tech un-support

Last week, I tried to save myself some time by using online chat options instead of waiting endlessly on hold for tech support. Turns out I shouldn’t have bothered. Neither Comcast nor HP chat support was accurate. And the inaccuracy … Continue reading

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Technology rocks

I had one of those “Oh, so THAT’s how you do it!” moments tonight. Found the Firefox extension Video Downloader, and immediately downloaded my current obsessions off YouTube. (Obsession number one is “Waiting for My Real Life to Begin” number … Continue reading

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Tech question

I keep getting pop-up windows telling me I’ve got all kinds of system infections and I should click to download Errorsafe. Of course, I do not click to download, and in fact, am leery of closing the pop-up window until … Continue reading

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More tech stuff

I bought Acronis True Image and tried to start the backup of my HD. I keep getting stuck at the full backup because True Image keeps telling me I’m trying to save the backup to the same place as the … Continue reading

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The wonderful world of web

I was reading an article on Katherine Hepburn in the Times, and came across a word I didn’t know. I double-clicked it, intending to copy/paste it into my toolbar. But I didn’t have to. The double-click set off the … Continue reading

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HP service drone gets an earful

I’ve been procrastinating reporting my video problem in my HP Paviliion notebook because I was pretty sure it was a video card thing, and I was also pretty sure that HP would tell me to send the notebook to their … Continue reading

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