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Seven years of Tigger

While writing a check yesterday, the date struck me as familiar. Turns out it was Tig 3.0’s seventh birthday. I picked him up on April 18, 2008, and he was about two months old. A belated happy birthday to my … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

A happy Thanksgiving to all of my readers. Eat lots of turkey (or tofurkey, if that’s your thing), and ignore the scolds who tell you not to indulge on this day of indulgence. Meimei agrees.

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Kitty pictures required

So here’s Meimei.

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It’s been too long

I haven’t put a recent Meimei picture up here in a while. There are some over on my writing blog. But here, let’s have some Meimei pics. Sleeping with big brother Tig Sleeping in Gracie’s old bed (it’s Meimei’s now) … Continue reading

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Have at it, haters

Taylor Swift’s new Diet Coke commercial is cute and funny. That won’t stop the haters, but it’s a nice little break from the news.

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So what have I been up to these last few months?

Well, there were a few posts here and there. I published book two in The Catmage Chronicles. I’m working on book 3. I went to Water Country, USA with my nephew (we had a ton of fun). My Jeep Wrangler … Continue reading

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Still Caturday

Lousy lighting, but my boy looking ridiculous. Maine Coon cats are such goofballs.

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Kitty picture time

Miss Meimei, sleeping in the corner under my desk.

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The day after Caturday

The latest Tig and Meimei video. They’re getting along quite well.

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Hulk smash Meimei!

Yeah, still not caring about the news. Meimei’s been jumping on my bookshelves lately, at least, on the lower couple of shelves. She finds it a great place to get to the high ground when she’s battling Tig. I’ve been … Continue reading

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It’s kitty picture time

I’m just not in the mood for another depressing news roundup. Have a picture of my beautiful girl instead. The ball is her absolute favorite toy. It’s the only one she actually fetches these days. She has about ten others, … Continue reading

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Some new kitty pictures for you. Miss Meimei, growing into Gracie’s cat bed. Not that she’s going to be as big as Miss Gracie was. I doubt Meimei will get much more than six pounds. Here’s Tig. I started petting … Continue reading

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Miss Meimei demands your attention the way she demands mine.

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Meimei, this morning: “Are you getting out of bed anytime soon?” And Tigger, who likes to use the molding for a pillow. Yes, really.

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Happy Tiggerversary!

Six years ago today, I drove north to Wendy’s Feline Friends and picked up my orange boy. Yesterday, my friend Sarah took this amazing picture. I think I have a can of tuna in the closet. So it will be … Continue reading

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