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The AP: Spinning even the Holocaust

The AP does it again. There simply is not a single thing that the AP can’t spin against Israel, especially when it comes to Netanyahu. Compare these two leads. First, the article that I presume was the original AP release: … Continue reading

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The best refutation of the worst of all Holocaust blather

When morons like Iain Banks lecture Israelis on why he is boycotting Israel, he uses this as a reason: Of all people, the Jewish people ought to know how it feels to be persecuted en masse, to be punished collectively … Continue reading

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Monday briefs

Holocaust Remembrance Day: Israel comes to a halt. Anti-Semitic commenters on Yahoo News, not so much. Despicable: An Italian teacher told a Jewish student that if she had been in Auschwitz, she would have been a better student. Then, when … Continue reading

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Yom HaShoah in the news

It’s Holocaust Remembrance Day. I’ve already read the shitty comments by the Jew-haters on Yahoo News, which reminds me that posting about this event is not optional, and never will be. This is the Ynet article about the Warsaw Ghetto … Continue reading

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Antisemitism and the U.K.: But I repeat myself.

Yeah, anti-Semitism is still the only prejudice you can express publicly now, pretty much without punishment. To recap: On Holocaust Memorial Day, no less, The Times of London published a disgusting blood libel cartoon of a large-nosed Benjamin Netanyahu cementing … Continue reading

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Tuesday briefs

Massive fires in Jerusalem: Bastards have been setting fires all over since it’s the dry season, and they saw how much it hurt Israel last year. They haven’t declared this one arson yet, but it had two separate points of … Continue reading

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This is why the Holocaust is unique

Time and again, I see in message threads and emails and statements from Jew-haters this theme: What’s so special about the Holocaust? Why is it any different from any other genocide? Because it is the only one in which one … Continue reading

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Briefly briefs

This is what genocide looks like: It’s Holocaust Remembrance Day, Yom HaShoah. And? The UN has noticed there is no truce in Syria, unlike the media, which never notices when terrorist groups break the truce with Israel. Awesome. The Secret … Continue reading

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Thursday news briefs

Can’t imagine why they didn’t elect him: A neo-Nazi came in dead last in a three-way Republican primary, and he’s blaming–get this–the reporter who published his Holocaust denial remarks. After garnering 11% of the vote in the Republican primary, Jones … Continue reading

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Thursday briefs

The Revenge of Hezbollah: So far, it’s a fail, thanks to the tireless work of the Mossad. They foiled an attempt to assassinate Ehud Barak in Singapore. Here’s what really bothers me: How did they get a detailed itinerary of … Continue reading

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