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A quick outrage roundup

A few of the news items that are pissing me off today: Can you say, “First Amendment”? Apparently, they can’t: Houston city attorneys subpoena five pastors’ sermons, asking for anything that discusses “HERO, the Petition, Mayor Annise Parker, homosexuality, or … Continue reading

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Wednesday briefs

No, there is no double standard: When Israel expels African migrants who are looking for work (not fleeing persecution or war), the world lashes out and the media launches a thousand stories. When Leban on expels Syrian Palestinians feeling the … Continue reading

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Common stupidity

Over the weekend, we learned that a school district in California assigned its eighth graders an 18-page essay for an exercise in critical thinking. The exercise? Holocaust denial. The sources the students were sent to? Holocaust denial websites. The 18-page … Continue reading

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Holocaust Remembrance Day

A reading list for Yom HaShoah. The Holocaust’s foremost unsung hero Yad Vashem’s website The boy who ran for three years to escape the Holocaust The March of the Living Survivors’ most traumatic moments

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Take that, Mad Mahmoud

Holocaust deniers are perhaps the sleaziest of all anti-Semites. This won’t make them any less sleazy, but it is a nice big thumb in the eye for all the assholes who deny the millions of pieces of evidence that the … Continue reading

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Boom boom bye bye: The IAF apparently hit a missile base on the Lebanese-Syria border, which means the missiles were heading for Lebanon to be used against Israel. The Arab press is reporting lots of dead terrorists. Here’s hoping. The … Continue reading

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On Holocaust Remembrance Day

Screw the UN and their year of solidarity with Palestinians. Screw the EU and Catherine Ashton’s refusal to mention Jews in her Holocaust remembrance day statement. Let’s take another look at the IAF flyover of Auschwitz, and remember that “Never … Continue reading

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This is why the Holocaust was different

One of the constant refrains of anti-Semites around the world is that the Holocaust was not unique, that others than the Jews were targeted for extinction or mass murder or genocide. And yet, the more you read about the ruthless, … Continue reading

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Will we ever be forgiven for the Holocaust?

Howard Jacobson, winner of the Man Booker Prize, delivered this year’s Jerusalem Address at the B’Nai Brith World Center in Jerusalem. This is his take on why the world hates Israel. The question is rhetorical. When will Jews be forgiven … Continue reading

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When an anti-Semite turns out to be a Jew

This is a wonderful story. I read about it a while back and probably linked it, but here’s a video to get you thinking at the start of the High Holy Days. It’s a story of discovery and repentance.

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I met a man today

This was posted by long_rifle in comments of a post from last year. I thought I’d bring it out of mothballs. I met a person today that I NEVER thought I’d meet in person. I met him on June 22, … Continue reading

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The AP: Spinning even the Holocaust

The AP does it again. There simply is not a single thing that the AP can’t spin against Israel, especially when it comes to Netanyahu. Compare these two leads. First, the article that I presume was the original AP release: … Continue reading

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The best refutation of the worst of all Holocaust blather

When morons like Iain Banks lecture Israelis on why he is boycotting Israel, he uses this as a reason: Of all people, the Jewish people ought to know how it feels to be persecuted en masse, to be punished collectively … Continue reading

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Monday briefs

Holocaust Remembrance Day: Israel comes to a halt. Anti-Semitic commenters on Yahoo News, not so much. Despicable: An Italian teacher told a Jewish student that if she had been in Auschwitz, she would have been a better student. Then, when … Continue reading

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Yom HaShoah in the news

It’s Holocaust Remembrance Day. I’ve already read the shitty comments by the Jew-haters on Yahoo News, which reminds me that posting about this event is not optional, and never will be. This is the Ynet article about the Warsaw Ghetto … Continue reading

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