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The Obama Doctrine defined

Barack Obama is trying really hard to be the worst-ever President of the United states. Here is his foreign policy for the next two years: Don’t do stupid shit. Forget The New Yorker’s “leading from behind,” and even President Barack … Continue reading

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Remembering the fallen

Take the time out today to think about the men and women who died so we can have our freedom. Photo of and from Arlington National Cemetery

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ZOMG! Rush Limbaugh’s children’s book won an award!

Heads are blowing up all across the media spectrum because Rush Limbaugh’s won the Children’s Book Author of the Year award. And I’m having a wonderful time watching the writers and editors try to publish a positive story about a … Continue reading

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Madam, I’m Adam

One of the things the Iranians think is going to work for them against the U.S. Navy is their strategy of having a lot of small, fast boats go after the Navy’s larger, slower vessels. They will probably have explosives … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day Briefs

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms who read this site. Yeah, I have a hard time feeling sorry for them: What’s it like to be a religious Jew behind bars? Read this article and find out. It’s filled with … Continue reading

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Common stupidity

Over the weekend, we learned that a school district in California assigned its eighth graders an 18-page essay for an exercise in critical thinking. The exercise? Holocaust denial. The sources the students were sent to? Holocaust denial websites. The 18-page … Continue reading

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Everything old is Jews again

Last Sunday, a despicable Jew-hater decided, for some reason, to drive to a Jewish Community Center and murder Jews. After killing a teenage boy and his grandfather while they sat in their car–first blocking the car with his own so … Continue reading

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Israel and the U.S.: No longer exclusive

Zev Chafets has an analysis about American-Israeli relations that is going to send the Jew-haters’s spittle-flecked rants off the charts on the Israel-hate scale. Just look at the headline: American-Israeli relations: US still Israel’s best friend but no longer country’s … Continue reading

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The chutzpah of Michael Bloomberg

There are just so, so many things wrong with this quote from Michael Bloomberg… But if he senses that he may not have as much time left as he would like, he has little doubt about what would await him … Continue reading

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You gotta be kidding me

Police arrested some idiot who was carrying a rice cooker in a backpack at the Boston Marathon on the anniversary of the bombing. Authorities say a man taken into custody near the Boston Marathon finish line carrying a backpack containing … Continue reading

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