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Iranian nukes, POTUS, expectations and common sense

A day doesn’t pass without all kinds of media (local and international) offering another deep insight on the subject of whether it will be wise for Israel to have a go at Iranian nuclear sites. As if it weren’t enough, … Continue reading

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Nonie Darwish in UNM: freedom of speech vs hypocrisy

The gist of the story is simple: A group of University of New Mexico students “mic checked” an Israel Alliance talk on their campus Thursday night, when audience members got up out of their seats and physically attacked the protesting … Continue reading

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A few questions for a BDS supporter

The article Pennsylvania BDS conference draws controversy, attacks calls for attention not  because of its whiny title – does its author really expect a BDS gathering not to cause some waves? – but because of its multiple internal controversies. Also … Continue reading

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Thai officials: Attacks in Thailand aimed at Israelis

This story, whether it is precise in its details or not, reads like a parody of a thriller Laurel and Hardy slapstick: Two suspects have been arrested, and police were in pursuit of three additional suspects. The first arrest is … Continue reading

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Tehran: HOT under the collar

I confess that the first time I’ve seen this ad, it made me laugh. Since the clip is not translated, here is its synopsis from Israelity: That’s the case anyway with the current TV ad campaign by cable provider HOT, … Continue reading

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De nada, Ilse

A Dutch lady spends some time in Israel, while pregnant. She goes through the usual rigmarole of prenatal tests, is diagnosed with some virus which is subsequently taken care of. Eventually, she gives birth to a healthy baby and here … Continue reading

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Another Christmas at The Guardian

(This post is to balance somehow that other post by Meryl and tell you that all is well in The Guardian). Nu, what did you expect? Of course, some people celebrate, some people riot and some people just traditionally dish … Continue reading

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Hamas senior got lost in the tunnels

The news appeared in Maariv’s Hebrew weekend edition on Friday Dec 16. Maariv, using Palestinian Pal Press as their source, tells that Tahr Atwa, a senior Hamas functionary and a part-time commander in Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades left Gaza five … Continue reading

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About our damn table manners

It is with a sense of increasing wonder that I have been reading the CNN story where U.S. Defense Secretary urges Israel to get back to the [damn] table. It was my damn understanding that the damn table was offered … Continue reading

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Iran irked by errors in Qurans from China

This news item didn’t make the first pages of main newspapers and could have passed unnoticed: Iranian publishers are complaining that cost-saving plans to print Qurans in China are yielding embarrassing results: A slew of typos. The head of Iran’s … Continue reading

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On the booming apology business

You would probably agree that to apologize for a misdeed is not a sign of weakness, rather the opposite: it shows your strength of character, your moral fiber and whatnot. Besides, when a timely apology helps to avert a long … Continue reading

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New Russians and their old tricks

When you look at Russian behavior in the Middle East during the last few years, it is eerily reminiscent of the good old Soviet Union and its unreserved support of any Arab regime that pitched against the West and, of … Continue reading

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S.A.R.A. overland convoy to Gaza – another peak of hypocrisy

It’s bad time for Africa again. A drought across much of east Africa in mid-2011 is causing intense distress among vulnerable populations, many of them already pressed by poverty and insecurity. The range of the affected areas is extensive: the … Continue reading

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Israel, dinosaurs, Amy Winehouse and pathetic shits

So here I was perusing a steamy pile of virtual excrement titled Israel, Dinosaurs, and Amy Winehouse. The link to it was sent by a friend (thanks, friend!), who added a sentence mentioning pathetic shits or something in that vein. … Continue reading

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I am Jewish too, and here is why…

The following quotes need a bit of introduction. Israeli rabbinical authorities, being (sometimes justly, as you shall see) somewhat suspicious of Jewishness of some new repatriates, question them to establish their roots. The results are frequently hilarious. So here we … Continue reading

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