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Your Wednesday news briefs

No wonder she was in Hufflepuff: A stupid actress is calling Israel stupid and saying that Israel causes anti-Semitism. But it’s okay, she can do that because she’s Jewish, you see. And listen to her brilliant explanation: “I’m lucky they … Continue reading

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Around the news

Deborah Lipstadt on past and current anti-Semitism: Best quote from the lecture? “Anti-Semitism is a vile form of hatred. It starts with the Jews, but it never stops there.” The political echo chamber: A Pew study shows that liberals are … Continue reading

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The year went by so quickly

One year ago, I brought home a little Siamese-tabby mix that was being called Lily. Her name quickly changed to Meimei, and I discovered that she was a month older than they guessed she was when she went into heat … Continue reading

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The AP: Don’t worry terrorists, we got your back

A few people caught this despicable headline from the AP yesterday (shamelessly stolen from TOI): That’s their take on a terror attack that resulted in the death of a three-month-old child. A three-month-old girl, identified by her grandfather as Chaya … Continue reading

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Pat Condell, still going strong

I could spend hours on his YouTube channel. Pat Condell is a British atheist who regularly makes videos in support of Israel and Jews. He also goes to town on Islamists, though he doesn’t use that term. If you’ve never … Continue reading

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It’s been too long

I haven’t put a recent Meimei picture up here in a while. There are some over on my writing blog. But here, let’s have some Meimei pics. Sleeping with big brother Tig Sleeping in Gracie’s old bed (it’s Meimei’s now) … Continue reading

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The AP is now completely covering for Palestinian rejectionism

Can the AP whitewash utterly reprehensible Palestinian statements any more than this? Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas suggested on Friday that Jews should be banned from a Jerusalem holy site revered by both Jews and Muslims. “Suggested”? Really? In a speech … Continue reading

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Oops. Comments are now on

I hadn’t realized I’d defaulted them to the off position. Go ahead, talk amongst yourselves.

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Have at it, haters

Taylor Swift’s new Diet Coke commercial is cute and funny. That won’t stop the haters, but it’s a nice little break from the news.

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A quick outrage roundup

A few of the news items that are pissing me off today: Can you say, “First Amendment”? Apparently, they can’t: Houston city attorneys subpoena five pastors’ sermons, asking for anything that discusses “HERO, the Petition, Mayor Annise Parker, homosexuality, or … Continue reading

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So what have I been up to these last few months?

Well, there were a few posts here and there. I published book two in The Catmage Chronicles. I’m working on book 3. I went to Water Country, USA with my nephew (we had a ton of fun). My Jeep Wrangler … Continue reading

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Britain and Israel, the hate-hate relationship

There was a symbolic vote by the U.K. Parliament to recognize the fictional state of Palestine. Fewer than half the MPs were present, and most of Israel’s supporters were missing. It was also a completely contradictory vote: I want a … Continue reading

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I’m back. Did you miss me?

I got tired of blogging earlier this year. I pretty much quit. Thought that was the end of it, I’d stop posting my thoughts about Israel and Jewish issues and politics and cats. Okay, never cats. Figured I’d just start … Continue reading

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L’Shanah Tovah

A happy, healthy, and sweet new year to all of my Jewish readers.

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The AP Jerusalem editor exposes AP’s anti-Israel bias

This is an extraordinary article by former AP Jerusalem reporter and editor Matti Friedman. Read it all, and weep. He explains what we’ve been telling you for years: There is a narrative that the news media follows on Israel. Anti-Israel … Continue reading

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