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Smoking Gun

From LGF, video of Green Helmet Guy stage-managing pictures and video of a Lebanese casualty. Warning: graphic images of children, cynically manipulated and exploited.

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Another Way to Help

Elie Deutsch is an American-born IDF soldier, and a talented musician. He’s currently posted to the Northern border with Lebanon. He and his unit have recorded some songs, which are being sold as MP3s, with proceeds going to a number … Continue reading

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Beirut: The New Jenin

Vital Perspective has an important and surprisingly honest report from Anderson Cooper, along with a map showing the Vast Areas of Beirut That Have Been Turned to Rubble. (Hint: The damaged areas are in gray. Look in the lower left-hand … Continue reading

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Urgent Request for Donations

I received this e-mail from my sister, in Beit Shemesh: War Refugees in Bet Shemesh – Update 24/7/06 From: “David Morris – Lema’an Achai” Not just the date is 24/7 – that’s how the community in Bet Shemesh is responding … Continue reading

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Sinioara is Killing His Own People

Lebanese Prime Minister presumably wants Hezbollah disarmed. He would presumably prefer that it not happen through IAF bombing raids on Beirut neighborhoods. But he has chosen to at least de facto rally behind Hezbollah. Has he offered to arrest those … Continue reading

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Analysis I Can Sink my Teeth Into

Jim Geraghty explains the difference between American and Israeli foreign policy in terms I can get behind: The thing is, Israel has never pledged to be a “good guy” in the traditional American definition – never strike first, be fair, … Continue reading

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The Situation

I received this e-mail from my brother-in-law Menachem, who along with my sister and their four children made Aliyah two years ago. He’s been sending periodic updates to family and friends, filled with anecdotes about making Aliyah, observations of Israeli … Continue reading

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DC Solidarity with Israel Rally This Wednesday

Solidarity With Israel Rally Wednesday July 19 Noon Freedom Plaza (PENN & 14th NW) Washington, DC Not a lot of information at this time; I’ll try to update as I learn more. WHAT: Solidarity With Israel Rally WHEN: Wednesday, July … Continue reading

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Pizza for IDF Soldiers

(Moved to the top by Meryl) While I’ve been an avid follower of Laurence’s Palestinian Bingo right now my need to show my love and appreciation of the IDF can’t wait. I was about to send a Pizza to an … Continue reading

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A Breath of Fresh Air

It’s so nice when someone gets it. From London’s Telegraph: But because of this basic agreement among Jews about the status of the secular law, the effect of these quarrels on the wider society is minimal. It is significant that … Continue reading

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What’s Hebrew for Non-Starter?

Olmert’s final status plan has been leaked to the press. It calls for a divided Jerusalem, with Israel controlling the Old City. Personally, I think he just wants to get his first no-confidence vote out of the way. H.T. Roger … Continue reading

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Horror, Helplessness and the Holocaust

Dymphna at Gates of Vienna has a moving personal recollection of learning about of the Holocaust, and how it affected her politically and spiritually. For all the (regretably necessary) attention paid to anti-semitism and those who would harm the Jews … Continue reading

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Nuclear Reactions

Would Iran receive more international condemnation for detonating an atomic bomb in Tel Aviv or for using the same bomb to conduct an above-ground nuclear test?

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