Hello bias my old friend

I’ve come to talk about you again.

Because a news piece softly creeping left its bias while I was sleeping

Israeli Police Officers Kill Two Palestinian Men

Wait, what? Why on earth did Israeli police officers kill two innocent Palestinian men?

JENIN, West Bank — Two Palestinian men were fatally shot by the Israeli police after attacking officers with knives, one at a contested shrine in the West Bank and the other at a checkpoint near East Jerusalem, a police spokeswoman said Saturday.

Ohhhhhhh…. they attacked the officers and tried to kill them. So they were shot. And died. I guess that totally justified a biased headline like that. Say, what does the rest of the story say? Well, first the AP has to put in a paragraph that isn’t about the attack, so that vital details beyond the second or third paragraph will drop off your “World News” section. Then they have to make it look like the Israelis shouldn’t have shot the knife-wielding attacker.

They were the latest in a recent spate of attacks by Palestinians who appear to be acting alone and without the backing or instruction of any organization. They have carried out several deadly attacks in Jerusalem and the West Bank using vehicles, knives and guns in recent months.

The first shooting took place at the Zayyim checkpoint on the outskirts of East Jerusalem late Friday. A police spokeswoman, Luba Samri, said a man identified as Ali Abu Ghannam, 17, ran toward officers with a knife at another checkpoint, then ran to the Zayyim checkpoint and threatened officers there. They shot him when he tried to stab them, she said, but Palestinian medics who arrived later said it was not clear what had taken place.

The police later released a photograph of a cleaver and what appeared to be a kitchen knife tipped with blood that they said Mr. Abu Ghannam had wielded.

The second shooting occurred on Saturday near the Cave of the Patriarchs in the West Bank city of Hebron, a site revered by Jews, Muslims and Christians as the ancient burial place of Abraham and his wife, Sarah. Ms. Samri said a 20-year-old Palestinian man was shot by one officer after he stabbed another officer, 19, in the head and chest. The wounded officer was treated at a hospital. Ms. Samri did not identify either the injured policeman or his assailant, and Dr. Hijazi Abu Mazyar, an official with the Palestinian Red Crescent Society, said his group had not yet ascertained the dead man’s identity.

They couldn’t spin the second attack, so they went on to talk about the one and only Jewish terrorist attack on Muslim worshipers. Because an attack in 1994 is totally relevant in 2015.

Reuters managed to get the headline right. But they tell a very different story than the AP.

Israeli forces kill two knife-wielding Palestinians – police
Israeli security forces killed two knife-wielding Palestinian attackers in separate incidents in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem on Saturday, police said.

In the West Bank city of Hebron, a Palestinian was shot dead by a paramilitary Israeli border police patrol after stabbing one of its men in the head and chest, police spokeswoman Luba Samri said. The injured policeman was taken to hospital.

Samri described the dead Palestinian as being around 20 years old. No further details on his identity were immediately available.

Earlier, 17-year-old Palestinian Ali Abu Ghannam attacked Israeli border police with a cleaver at a checkpoint in East Jerusalem and then fled, with troops giving chase and firing warning shots in the air, Samri said.

Look at that. Warning shots and everything. Amazing how the AP didn’t think that was a necessary detail. But then, the AP has an agenda, and it’s anti-Israel.

So does the New York Times, but hey… they’re “the paper of record”. All the news, and all that.


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