Introducing the Hulk News Briefs

There are so many news stories pissing me off that I think I’ve gone past the “I can’t even” portion of my brain and into the naked fury bit, also known as my inner Hulk. So let’s begin with effing Russia, the country my grandparents and great-grandparents were smart enough to emigrate from (thanks, smart family!)

Oh, fuck you, Russia: Russia sells S-300 missiles to Iran. The only reason Iran wants them is to stop Israel or the U.S. from being able to take out Iranian nuclear weapons plants. Russia shrugs and says that there’s nothing to worry about. The chants of “Death to Israel”? No biggie. An Iranian general calling the destruction of Israel “non-negotiable“? Oh, don’t sweat it.

Israel (among others) downgrades the representative it’s sending to Russia to commemmorate the USSR’s victory over Nazi German? Well, that’s something to get angry about.

When even VOX says the Iran deal sucks, it sucks: Even uber-lefty “explainer” “news” site thinks the Iran deal is bad. that should tell you something. Also, this.

The way the president has set this up, he has incentivized Iran to pocket huge benefits up front.

In Wisconsin, being conservative and Republican is illegal: National Review profiles the Wisconsin “John Doe” laws, that purport to be looking for illegal money in politics but are actually intimidating conservative groups. They are secret trials that you are not allowed to mention to anyone. It’s KGB Russia in one of the most progressive states in America. But don’t think you’re safe in a red state. Here in Virginia, a Marine was arrested because of a Facebook post.

Ending on a hopeful note: David Cameron on anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism. Read it all.

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