When “Kill the Jews” is not anti-Semitic

British Jews are terrified. They are so terrified that they are unwilling to call an anti-Semitic attack by a group of drunks anti-Semitic.

The story is this:

A group of Jewish teenagers today told how they barricaded themselves inside as a drunken mob stormed their synagogue shouting “Kill the Jews”.

Four men and two women were arrested after the brawl in the early hours of Sunday at the Ahavas Torah synagogue in Stamford Hill, north London.

Eyewitnesses told how the mob hurled abuse as they smashed windows and punched a security guard in the face.

Note that it is now commonplace for Jews to have to have security guards in their houses of worship all over Europe. To protect them from groups of “antisocial” drunks.

The incident took place after a drunk man kicked out of a nearby house party began arguing with a group of Jewish teenagers. The man’s friends joined in and chased the boys inside.

An eyewitness account:

He said: “One girl tried to calm things down but her friend was too drunk to listen. When police arrived they legged it but police caught six of them.

“They started shouting ‘you f***ing Jews’. It’s usually fine around here. I don’t ever have to hide the fact I’m Jewish. I don’t really think it was anti-Semitic but it just got out of hand.”

They also shouted “Kill the Jews” and tried to storm the synagogue.

Here’s my problem with saying it wasn’t anti-Semitic. The men got drunk, got angry, and then went after some Jews. And when the Jews ran away, they tried to break into a Jewish house of worship to fight them, with the intention–make no mistake–of beating the living shit out of them. And yet, a rabbi–a rabbi–says that it wasn’t an anti-Semitic attack.

Scotland Yard said it was treating the incident as an anti-Semitic attack but Rabbi Maurice Davis was convinced it was not religiously motivated and was just an example of anti-social behaviour.

He said: “It was depressing what happened but it definitely wasn’t anti-Semitic. It was just anti-social. The parents of the boys whose party it was came round to apologise. They are really decent people. It’s a beautiful area here and everyone gets along.”

Look at the video and judge for yourself. “Kill the Jews” was evidently just an expression caused by the alchohol in the thugs’ systems. They didn’t really mean it. It’s not anti-Semitism. They’re just antisocial drunks.

And yet, the “antisocial” drunks managed to go after a group of Jews, chase them to a synagogue, and try to break into that synagogue to beat them up.

But it’s not anti-Semitism. No. It’s just a bunch of antisocial hooligans going after Jews because they’re drunk.


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