“Apartheid” Israelis call for honoring Druze officer

The Druze police officer who was murdered Muslim by terrorists yesterday while helping defend Israeli Jews is being laid to rest, and religious Jews are calling for Israelis to go to his funeral and show their respect for his sacrifice.

The Druze police officer who lost his life in Tuesday’s terror attack is being honored by the ultra-Orthodox community, which was hit the hardest in the deadly terror attack on a synagogue, and the community is urging Haredi youths to attend the young officer’s funeral service.

The ultra–Orthodox community determined Wednesday that Master-Sergeant Zidan Sif, the Druze policeman who died from wounds sustained in Tuesday morning’s synagogue terror attack was a ‘Righteous Among the Nations’, and many urged their public to attend his funeral, even arranging free transportation from the Jerusalem International Convention Center.

This is why the “apartheid” label is such a lie. Most Israeli Jews do not hate Arabs. They want to get along in peace and harmony. Instead, the Jews of Israel are being attacked in synagogues, at bus stops, and on the streets–by the real people who want apartheid. Actually, that’s not true. They want there to be no Jews at all in Israel, the land that made us Jews.

Risha Segal (28), a haredi student and activist, who lives near the Har Nof neighborhood in Jerusalem, was one of the people who posted the initiative online. “We are calling for widespread solidarity throughout Israel, with an emphasis on gratitude,” he said. “We will not be ungrateful and will show our thanks for those who sacrificed their lives for us. This is one of the most important principles in Judaism.”

And this is why Israel will survive. Because we’re better than the subhumans who take axes and machetes and murder men at morning prayers in a house of worship.

Update: The funeral picture that says it all.

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