This is what incitement causes

The Palestinians lying about Israel attacking the al-Aqsa mosque, and their leaders inciting the religious hatred, have gotten what they want: Four rabbis are dead and eight Jews were wounded in a terror attack on a synagogue in Jerusalem. They entered an Orthodox synagogue in west Jerusalem–on the Israeli side of the Green Line–and murdered four with a gun, an axe, and knives. They invaded a Yeshiva and murdered Jews while praying during morning services.

site of terror attack

Four people were killed Tuesday morning when two terrorists brutally attacked worshippers in a synagogue and yeshiva in the Har Nof neighborhood in Jerusalem. Seven people were wounded, including two police officers.

At around 7am, the terrorists – wielding massive knives and a gun – entered the Kehilat Yaakov synagogue on Harav Shimon Agasi Street, which includes both a synagogue and yeshiva (rabbinical seminary), and carried out attacks in more than one location.

Three Americans are among the dead. One was a dual British citizen. All were rabbis.

Make no mistake, these attacks are directly due to the Palestinian incitement about the Temple Mount. Yehuda Glick’s shooter called him an enemy of al-Aqsa. And Mahmoud Abbas is just stoking the flames by insisting that Israelis are “invading” the Temple Mount–and accusing Israelis of incitement. You mean incitement like this?

“The presidency also denounces all violent acts no matter who their source is, and demands an end to the ongoing incursions into the Al-Aksa Mosque and the provocative acts by Israeli settlers as well as incitement by some Israeli ministers,” the statement added.

Yeah, that’s some condemnation, especially since no Israelis are setting foot inside al-Aqsa. But terrorists have, on many occasions, attacked Jews at prayer.

The attackers were later killed in a shootout with police. Speaking to BBC Radio 4, Iraeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld Rosenfeld said: “Everybody was praying peacefully without any disruptions whatsoever and then all of a sudden the terrorists go into a place of worship and peace and turn it into a killing nightmare.”

Police confirmed that the slain included Rabbi Moshe Twersky. He is the son of Boston-born Isadore Twersky, who founded Harvard University’s Center for Jewish Studies. Rabbi Kelman Levin, Rabbi Avraham Goldberg and Rabbi Aryeh Kopinsky were also killed, according to an announcement made by the synagogue. Britain’s Foreign Office confirmed that one of the four victims was a dual U.K.-Israeli national.

The AP can’t whitewash this one. So Operation Downplay is in effect. Note the passive verb in the headline. “Dead”–not “killed”.

Your daily look at late-breaking news, upcoming events and the stories that will be talked about today:

Prime Minister Netanyahu vows to respond harshly to the killing of worshippers which Palestinian President Abbas has condemned.

And here’s the AP lede. Note the continued concentration on the Palestinian viewpoint.

Two Palestinian cousins stormed a Jerusalem synagogue on Tuesday, attacking worshippers with meat cleavers and a gun during morning prayers and killing four people before they were shot dead by police.

The attack, the deadliest in Jerusalem in six years, ratcheted up fears of sustained violence in the city, which is already on edge amid soaring tensions over its most contested holy site.

Remember, those “soaring tensions” are lies that Jews are “invading” al-Aqsa. And the narrative is that Jews praying at the Temple Mount is somehow wrong–because Muslims put their mosques on top of Judaism’s holiest site. But that’s a topic for another post.

Pray for the speedy recovery of the wounded, and comfort for the families of the murdered men.

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  1. Elisson says:

    From my friend Jeff Brown’s FB page:

    “The website of British newspaper The Guardian ran a story about the attack from Reuters. The wire dispatch the agency sent included the headline ‘Palestinians kill four in Jerusalem synagogue attack’ and led with the sentence: ‘Two Palestinians armed with a meat cleaver and a gun killed four people in a Jerusalem synagogue on Tuesday before being shot dead by police…’

    “However, The Guardian changed their headline to ‘Four worshippers killed in attack on Jerusalem synagogue’ and in their lead, they also excised any reference to Palestinians, publishing: ‘Two men armed with axes, knives and a pistol have killed four Israelis and wounded several others in a Jerusalem synagogue…'”

    So: The whitewash continues. Bastards.

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