The murderous Iranian regime

On the anniversary of Kristallnacht, the Iranian Supreme Leader released a nine-step plan to eliminate Israel. The world media mostly yawned. The AP can barely manage to eke out one final-paragraph mention of it in its story about the Iranian nuclear agreement today.

Khameini plan to eliminate Israel

Kerry spoke early Tuesday with Netanyahu, but the State Department officials refused to discuss why the Israeli prime minister believed a deal was imminent. The officials said Kerry also condemned comments posted this weekend on the managed Twitter account of Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei that called for Israel’s destruction. His feed also tweeted various posts about the negotiations — including one detailing Iran’s “red lines” of things it could not accept — while the Oman talks were ongoing.

Stop and take a moment to realize this: The leader of a UN member nation tweeted a step-by-step plan to eliminate another member nation, and the world basically ignored it. The media downplayed the steps, of course, because Khamenei thoughtfully insisted he wasn’t for the genocide of all Israeli Jews–he just wants to throw them out of the country. What a nice guy. He even says the should go back to the countries they came from. (Scroll down for a table of how many Jews fled those nations.) Like Iran, I guess. And Egypt, Yemen, Iraq, Algeria, Morocco, Syria, and Tunisia. Because Muslims were always so tolerant towards their Jewish populations. Oh, wait. No they weren’t.

When the media did pick up on the Ayatollah’s tweet, they downplayed the threats, playing right along with the Iranian propaganda.

The post did not call for “the massacre of the Jewish people in the region,” but for a referendum on the future of the territory to by “[a]ll the original people of Palestine including Muslims, Christians and Jews.”

They left out the rest of that one, which excludes nearly all Israelis from being able to vote.

All the original people of Palestine including Muslims, Christians and Jews wherever they are, whether inside Palestine, in refugee camps in other countries or just anywhere else, take part in a public and organized referendum. Naturally the Jewish immigrants who have been persuaded into emigration to Palestine do not have the right to take part in this referendum.

I suppose I should be astonished that the world media didn’t publish far and wide this call for the destruction of Israel. But I’m not. I’m just tired of the unbelievable double standards. That’s part of the reason why I stopped posting. How many times can you shout at the wall before you simply lose your voice?

Imagine the world reaction if Benjamin Netanyahu said that it was time for the Iranian regime to be eliminated. Just imagine the difference, and realize that nobody is saying much of anything after Khamenei openly called for the end of Israel and the expulsion of Jews from their homeland. Nonstop 24-hour stories, no doubt. I searched the AP and found nothing.

Iran in AP news

Absolutely nothing.
AP news search

The world does not like the Jews.

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