Rainy day news roundup

Good news for Israel: The ICC ruled that it has no real jurisdiction over the Marvelous Mimbletonia, the Ship of Terrorists used by Islamists to try to create an international incident while pretending to run the Gaza blockade. Of course, that didn’t stop the ICC from saying the IDF probably committed war crimes, but hey, at least Turkey doesn’t get a media circus that generates worldwide “ISRAEL COMMITTED WAR CRIMES!1!!11!” headlines. Oh, and Turkey? Fuck you.

Trying to change the narrative: The PLO has issued a press release telling the media they shouldn’t call the Temple Mount the Temple Mount. Yet another example of the Islamicizing of Jerusalem al-Quds. Don’t worry, the world is poised to negate Israel’s Jewish roots. But first they have to get rid of those pesky Jews. They keep trying.

Worst decision Moshe Dayan ever made was giving the Temple Mount to the Islamic Waqf. If he had insisted on Jewish rights to it in 1967, we’d have had years of Muslims freaking out over Jews praying at their holiest site… yeah, I really do believe that. It wouldn’t be any better.

Also, check out this unbelievably biased AP piece. Of course it’s Israel’s fault that Muslims are rioting on the Temple Mount. The easily found proof that Hamas pays Palestinians to riot? It’s too hard for the AP to find.

The attacks came after Palestinians clashed with police at the holy compound — known as the Temple Mount to Jews and the Noble Sanctuary to Muslims — over a push by Israeli activists to widen access to Jews visiting the site.

The clashes, which erupted as Palestinians threw stones and firecrackers in response to a demonstration by Israeli activists, prompted Jordan — which has custodial rights to the site as part of its 1994 peace agreement with Israel — to recall its ambassador in protest at the actions of Israeli security forces.

And the wife of the first attacker said he had been angered by the confrontation at the site earlier in the day.

Elder of Ziyon has video of those “activists“–which always turn out to be religious Jews walking around on the Temple Mount.

World’s tiniest violin: Awww. John Galliano lost his case against Christian Dior. Turns out that it’s okay to fire someone who goes on video and says that Jews should be gassed. Oh, and John? Fuck you.

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