Your Wednesday news briefs

No wonder she was in Hufflepuff: A stupid actress is calling Israel stupid and saying that Israel causes anti-Semitism. But it’s okay, she can do that because she’s Jewish, you see. And listen to her brilliant explanation:

“I’m lucky they like me, and one always needs a Jewish accountant,” said Margolyes, who grew up in a Jewish home in Oxford, England, adding that “anti-Semitism is horrible and can’t be defended, but Israel is stupid for allowing people to vent it.”

Moron. You’re “lucky” that people like you in spite of being Jewish? Screw you, Margoyles, and every Jew who thinks like you. Let’s do an experiment. Exchange “Asian” for “Jew” and “Jewish” in all of her words, and see how fast she gets called a racist.

Two more years of this crap: The Obama administration is now making sure its childish behavior is worldwide knowledge. A “Senior Administration Official” said that Netanyahu didn’t/wouldn’t attack Iran because he’s “chickenshit“. This, from the same administration that worked very hard to make sure that Israel couldn’t attack Iran when it thought there were plans in place. And let’s not forget that more than 80% of American Jews voted for Obama. Remember that when you see his administration signing off on an anti-settlement UN Resolution. Also remember that Mahmoud Abbas only last week urged his people to start a religious war on the Temple Mount–and Obama said nothing. Because that isn’t what’s preventing peace. It’s building settlements in areas of Jerusalem that are going to remain Israeli even if a two-state solution magically occurs.

More on that “chickenshit” bullshit: Read Jonathan Tobin’s post in Commentary. Here’s just a snippet:

It’s quite an indictment but once you get beyond the personal dislike of the individual on the part of the president, Secretary of State Kerry, and any other “senior officials” that speak without attribution on the subject of Israel’s prime minister, all you have is a thin veil of invective covering up six years of Obama administration failures in the Middle East that have the region more dangerous for both Israel and the United States. For all of his personal failings, it is not Netanyahu—a man who actually served as a combat soldier under fire in his country’s most elite commando unit—who is a coward or a small-minded failure. It is Obama and Kerry who have fecklessly sabotaged a special relationship, an act whose consequences have already led to disaster and bloodshed and may yet bring worse in their final two years of power.

Obama is turning out to be even worse than Jimmy Carter, in every way possible. I fear for my country these next two years.

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