A quick outrage roundup

A few of the news items that are pissing me off today:

Can you say, “First Amendment”? Apparently, they can’t: Houston city attorneys subpoena five pastors’ sermons, asking for anything that discusses “HERO, the Petition, Mayor Annise Parker, homosexuality, or gender identity”. Eugene Volokh explains how it’s done if you actually need to subpoena speech that might, you know, actually be valid in a lawsuit, like, say, a libel suit. As opposed to intimidating pastors who don’t agree with you. Really? Really? Going after people for their religious beliefs? Really?

AWESOME work, CDC: It’s not enough that the Dallas hospital staff did not use hazmat clothing for the first two days they were treating an Ebola patient. The CDC told a nurse reporting a low fever that it was okay to fly with it. Because it’s not, like, she was a nurse treating an Ebola patient who just came down with a fever–one of the symptoms of Ebola. Fucking unbelievable. And oh, the president is finally doing something. The optics must finally be polling poorly. He canceled a couple of campaigning trips to make a speech, or something.

Something is terribly wrong when that hospital in Dallas exposed its staff to Ebola, but the one in Atlanta treated patients without any transmission of the disease. They’re supposed to have been trained in this. Great work, CDC! But hey, it’s really important to spend money on why chimpanzees throw objects.

Well, then you’re going to be living in tents for a long time: The new propaganda line is out. The Palestinians are now saying that they can’t rebuild Gaza until the blockade is lifted. Uh-huh. That little detail about Hamas importing weapons? Pshaw. It’s much more important to give the Palestinians money without making sure that terrorists don’t profit from it.

Never too old to learn: An 86-year-old Jewish man who didn’t get a chance to go to high school because he was too busy hiding from the Nazis finally got his high school diploma in the U.S. Mazel tov!

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  1. Pamela says:

    Lack of Leadership-What’s the saying “A Crisis is too good to waste”. Especially for one person without a lick of common sense who is trying his darndest to cover up his total gross negligence. Children (no matter their age) should not hold office.

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