Putting the heat on Hamas

Israel is ratcheting up the pressure on Hamas to release the three kidnapped teenagers. It’s definitely getting to Mahmoud Abbas, who lashed out at Hamas.

Meantime, Israel is clamping down on Hamas prisoners’ amenties. Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch said that Hamas must understand that kidnapping doesn’t pay. 51 Hamas prisoners released in the Gilad Shalit deal were re-arrested and will be imprisoned.

Reuters is noticing the clampdown, but of course, it must insert weasel words questioning anything the IDF does.

Israel showed photographs of what it said were hundreds of weapons, including guns, seized at some of the detainees’ homes.

Even as Mahmoud Abbas’ wife receives surgery in Israel, Palestinians are teaching their children to celebrate the kidnapping of Israeli children by giving a three-fingered salute and posting pictures on social media. Despicable. This is why there will never be peace. Israel teaches her children that they must treat everyone with dignity. The Palestinians teach their children to hate Jews.

Keep up the pressure, Israel.

“As long as our boys remain abducted, Hamas will feel pursued, paralyzed and threatened,” said Lieutenant Peter Lerner, a senior IDF spokesman.

Don’t give in again. The Gilad Shalit deal, and the many deals before it, made this kidnapping possible.

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