Rounding up Hamas

The IDF has arrested nearly every Hamas leader in the West Bank. The Palestinian Authority, besides mocking Israel by saying that Israel alone is responsible for security in the area where the teens were kidnapped, changed their World Cup logo to one celebrating the kidnapping. And Palestinians, of course, gave out sweets and urged Hamas to kidnap more Israelis.

Israel is targeting terrorists in Gaza because they’re using the current crisis to lob more rockets at southern Israel.

Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to Mahmoud Abbas, telling him he expects his help in bringing back the kidnapped teens. Yeah, good luck with that. The only thing that will get the boys back is strong-arming Hamas.

And of course, no story like this would be complete without the AP anti-Israel bias.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has alleged that Hamas carried out the kidnappings, but provided no evidence. He has also held Abbas responsible for the fate of the teens and alleged the unity government created the atmosphere for the kidnappings.

The AP constantly treats Palestinian allegations as etched in stone, and constantly demands evidence from Israel over the obvious. See above.

I pray for the safe return of the boys. But I’m not very hopeful that they will be found, instead of traded for.

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