New Palestinian government kidnaps 3 Israeli teens

The IDF has positively identified Hamas as the terror group behind the kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers, one of whom is an American citizen. Not that being a U.S. citizen matters. U.S. citizens have been murdered in terrorist attacks and the government still sends money to the Palestinian Authority, which then transfers U.S. tax dollars to terror groups that also murder U.S. citizens. Our government has always turned a blind eye to Palestinian terrorism since Yasser Arafat gave them the fiction of saying–in English–that he wants peace while, in Arabic, talking about the end of Israel. Mahmoud Abbas, the president in his ninth year of his four-year term as president of the Palestinians, does the same. He also follows the Arafat way of stealing from the EU and U.S. contributions, but again, the world turns a blind eye. Terrorism has always been encouraged in this way.

The result? The new Palestinian partner kidnapped three Israeli boys. Why? Because they got over 1,000 terrorists released for Gilad Shalit–and many of those terrorists were convicted murderers.

The IDF has surrounded Hebron and arrested over 80 Palestinians. They’ve called in more military to help find the boys. And they’re working with Egypt to shut down the Sinai so the boys can’t be transferred to Gaza–like Gilad Shalit. The IDF is pretty sure they’re still in the West Bank.

Here’s hoping this is Egypt’s Lebanon moment, without the war that followed the deaths of Israeli soldiers. And without the deaths. I think it’s likely the boys are still alive. They’re worth more to Hamas that way.

The media, of course, is skeptical that it’s Hamas, doing what only the anti-Israel media can do. Palestinian teenagers are always “youths”, remember, if not flat-out “children“. Reuters goes out of its way to call one of the Israelis an adult.

The two 16-year-olds and a third man aged 19 disappeared on Thursday night in the West Bank, where they were seminary students in a Jewish settlement.

Well, at least Bloomberg has a fairly balanced report.

Pray for the safe return of the boys. And the firing of the idiot police officer who did not take action until hours after one of the fathers came to tell him his son had disappeared.

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