Monday briefs

Don’t worry, they’ll find a way to blame Israel: A massive dust storm hit Tehran with 70 mph winds, killing at least four people. Too bad it wasn’t, say, during a show when all the ayatollahs were on the reviewing stand. Ah, well. A girl can dream.

Well, yes: Israeli Cabinent ministers are saying that the Hamas-Fatah unity deal shows that the Palestinians don’t want peace. Gee, what gave it away? Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal saying that “resistance” (read: Terror attacks) will continue even after the unity deal?

That’s gotta hurt: It wasn’t a World Cup match, but the U.S. beat Turkey in a friendly game. Oh, the shame, the shame!

Fighting back: Nigerian Christians had about as much as they could take. They went after a group of Boko Haram attackers and killed 37 of them. More, please.

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