The Friday b.s. briefs

How can you tell when a Palestinian spokesman is lying? His mouth is open: The Palestinians are claiming the new prime minister for the unified Hamas-Fatah government has been invited to Washington in June, thus proving the U.S. approves of the unity deal. I’m going to call bullshit on this, because John Kerry has actually said Israel’s actions on refusing to deal with the PA while Hamas is a part of it are “appropriate“.

“Prime Minister Netanyahu and Israel are waiting to see what happens with the Hamas reconciliation… That’s an appropriate thing to be doing. We’re all waiting to see what happens.”

I’m calling bullshit on this, too: An Israeli ex-pat with an axe to grind claims that Israel spied on President Clinton. Here’s the money graf, for me:

Bregman, a former artillery officer in the Israeli Defense Forces, declined to discuss his sources or what steps he took to authenticate the transcripts. “I think your assumption should be that if a reputable publisher such as Penguin decides to go along with that, then they probably checked the matter with me and approved,” he told Newsweek by email from London, where he settled in 1988 after refusing to serve in the Israeli-occupied West Bank and Gaza territories.

Also in this quote: An idiotic reliance on authority. Because it’s not like a major publishing company ever produced a hoax autobiography of, say, billionaire Howard Hughes. Oh. Wait. Yeah, they did, fact-checking and all.

An Israeli intelligence expert is also calling bullshit on this.

“To the best of my knowledge,” Bergman told Newsweek, “after the Pollard affair, Israel does not spy on the United States or against American targets. On the other hand, the fact that Bregman managed to get ahold of wiretap transcripts, the holy grail of intelligence, whether they were obtained by Israel or the United States or any other intelligence power, proves that Edward Snowden is not alone.”

But don’t worry, the Jew-haters in the world will leap all over this one. Cue the David Duke and Stormfront outrage parade. As for Newsweek? Well, they’ve never met an anti-Israel story they didn’t like.

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