Thursday late night briefs

Like a Jewish stone: The Stones are starting their June 4 concert at 9:15 so religious Jews can observer Shavuot. I am really liking the Stones more and more these days. Yes, Mick, you are forgiven for “Under My Thumb.”

You won’t read this in the MSM: Say, you know those regular riots on the Temple Mount? Apparently, it’s a career choice for Palestinians.

Hamas uses the Islamic Movement to transfer money to projects in Jerusalem, such as paying for Arab youths to remain constantly on the Temple Mount in the guise of religious students in order to prevent Jewish pilgrimage to the holy site, Toama told the Shin Bet.

Hamas pays the youths a permanent salary of NIS 4,000-5,000 each month. Toama added that Hamas keeps its ties with the Islamic Movement secret in order to prevent the movement from entanglements with Israeli authorities.

The Islamic Movement’s leader is Sheikh Raed Salah, who recently got out of jail. Send him back.

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