Sunday briefs

Gee, whatever could the motive be? Three people were murdered in the Brussels Jewish Museum yesterday, at least two of whom were Jewish–and Israeli. They haven’t caught the scumbag. They have pictures. He came, armed, to the museum. And yet, the foreign minister still wants to wait until they catch him to be sure of the motive. Anti-Semitism is up all over Europe. What a surprise that this happened.

Pope falls for Palestinian propagandists: He’s praying at the separation fence like Jews pray at the Western Wall. Thanks for contributing to the Palestinian propaganda, Pope. Say, did you happen to mention the Muslim discrimination against Christians in the Middle East while you were there? Or are we just talking about problems with Jews? Too bad, because the news organizations are going to leap all over that instead of your calling for responsibility on both sides of the issue.

Watch the calls of “Islamophobia” start: A U.K. charity that hates Jews is going to be investigated by the authorities. Guess this is what it takes.

IERA was founded by Abdurraheem Green, a Muslim convert, who is the charity’s chairman. He has been caught on camera preaching at Hyde Park Corner, calling for a Jewish man to be removed from his sight. “Why don’t you take the Yahoudi [Jew] over there, far away so his stench doesn’t disturb us?” he can be heard to say.

And a hearty fuck you, too, Abdurrahurrawurra.

It took them long enough to get rid of the hook-handed man, and only because the U.S. began investigating him. He was convicted on terror charges stemming from as far back as 1998. Great job, U.K.!

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