ZOMG! Rush Limbaugh’s children’s book won an award!

Heads are blowing up all across the media spectrum because Rush Limbaugh’s won the Children’s Book Author of the Year award. And I’m having a wonderful time watching the writers and editors try to publish a positive story about a man they hate so, so much.

CNN can’t find the strength to put that in their headline of the piece about the awards.

MSNBC implies that he stuffed the ballot box in their text article, and Al Sharpton goes after him on camera.

NPR includes the worst parts of a horrible review in their account. (Kirkus Reviews are usually bought by the publisher. Here, I’m pretty sure that Kirkus solicited a free review.)

HuffPo outright says he stuffed the ballot box.

Funny, in the CNN piece, we’re told the voting is carefully vetted.

Kids voted for their favorites online with the help of their parents and teachers, or educators submitted group ballots after polling their students. The teen finalists were chosen through a joint program with Teenreads.com, part of The Book Report Network. The top author and illustrator finalists were determined by the bestseller lists. Voters were also allowed to write in finalists that weren’t listed. The Children’s Book Council’s vetting process ensures that voting is done by children and teens, or submitted from classroom ballot boxes, they said.

So I guess we’re just looking at Rush Limbaugh Derangement Syndrome. Heads are exploding all across the country. Me? I find the whole thing hilarious.

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  1. Michael Lonie says:

    So the kids, given their druthers, voted for Rush’s book? And all the bien pensants are horrified. How dare the kids read something just because they like it. Reminds me of the hostility of so many school librarians to the Oz books (a disdain that Martin Gardner commented on many times).

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