I think we should coin a new word for the anti-Zionist, anti-Israel, Jew-hating EUrocrats who are trying to brand Israel as a criminal nation and its leaders as war criminals.

Pariahnism (n.): The act of accusing Israel and Israelis alone for presumptive crimes, regardless of whether or not they are a) actual crimes or b) proven in any court of law.

A great example of Pariahnism is the U.K. granting Tzipi Livni temporary diplomatic immunity to prevent her from being arrested the second she sets foot in London, where she was invited to give a talk by the Jewish National Fund.

Justice Minister Tzipi Livni has been given special immunity to enable her to address a JNF meeting this week – her first UK visit after threats to have her arrested for alleged war crimes led to a change in British law four years ago.

The British government’s decision to give Livni temporary diplomatic immunity for her visit to London later this week stems from threats made by pro-Palestinian supporters and their allies, shortly after the Gaza war, to have her arrested for alleged war crimes against the Palestinians.

A British judge in December 2009 accepted claims that there was sufficient evidence to put Livni on trial and from that date she has not set foot in the country.

It’s despicable that she has to be granted immunity. It’s despicable that the U.K. doesn’t seem to go after the Saudi nationals who financially support the extremism in mosquests that causes terrorists that murder British soldiers both in and out of the U.K. The U.K. does nothing about speakers who preach terrorism and hatred of Jews and Israel.

But yes, by all means, arrest Israelis for presumed war crimes. Because that’s where the real war criminals are. Not Saudi Arabia, not Yemen, not North Korea, not China, not Syria (how often do you figure al-Assad’s wife shopped in London?), none of the other many nations that deny their citizens and foreigners human rights. Look up the treatment of foreigners in any Arab nation and you’ll see who the real criminals are.

Pariahnism. It’s just for Israelis.

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