It’s kitty picture time

I’m just not in the mood for another depressing news roundup. Have a picture of my beautiful girl instead.

The ball is her absolute favorite toy. It’s the only one she actually fetches these days. She has about ten others, and while she’ll chase them down the stairs, they’ll stay there unless she can’t find Blue Stripey.

Meimei and toys

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4 Responses to It’s kitty picture time

  1. Herschel says:

    I agree with your assessment of the current news, much nicer to see your beautiful kitty Meimei posing like the diva she is.

  2. Rahel says:

    What Herschel said. Meimei is exquisite. I’d much rather gaze at her than watch the news!

  3. April says:

    She beautiful and so sweet. About “Blue Stripey” how many time shave you had to dig it out from under the fridge or any other kitty inaccessable spot?

  4. Funny you should ask, April. Meimei has so many ways of hiding Blue Stripey… It went missing for ages, which is why I bought another ten or twelve foam balls. But I finally found it (under the printer stand on the landing) and that is the one she wants to play with. It goes under the ottoman downstairs, so that’s the first place I check. It gets tangled in the wires behind and around the TV stand. It never stays under a bed, because she finds it and plays with it. She drops it at my feet while I’m working and then pushes it under the file cabinet. And last, but not least, for some reason, Meimei likes to drop the balls in her water dish. So when I’m tearing my hair out trying to find Blue Stripey, it’s usually downstairs in the kitchen in the spare water dish. It has taken me weeks to realize this.

    And just because there’s not enough variety, she also drops it in her food dish. This morning I went into the bathroom and saw four balls in and around the water dish and two–including Mr. Stripey–in her food dish. None in Tig’s food dish, because, well, it’s Tig’s.

    She is endlessley amusing.

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