Mother’s Day Briefs

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms who read this site.

Yeah, I have a hard time feeling sorry for them: What’s it like to be a religious Jew behind bars? Read this article and find out. It’s filled with little references to what nice guys these wife-murderers are. Yeah. Real nice. Tell that to their wives. Oh, wait. You can’t. The remark from the one who insisted that violating Shabbat is worse than murder is the capstone of what makes me want him to stay there the rest of his life. I hate “religious” Jews excusing horrible behavior that way.

Can we save the Nazi references to, you know, actual Nazis? Amos Oz called Israeli settlers that harass Palestinians neo-Nazis. No, they’re pretty scummy, but they’re not neo-Nazis. We have those guys here. They are admirers of Hitlers, haters of Jews and minorities, and white supremacists. Amos Oz is a moron.

Speaking of “price tag” attacks: Israel is finally taking steps to stop them. Good. Defacing Christian and Muslim houses of worship is despicable. Teaching your teenaged boys that it’s right to do so is even worse.

Oh, look. Another company for Israel-haters to boycott: Qualcomm is buying an Israeli chip-maker. Wilocity makes chips for phones, tablets, and laptops. Do you think the Israel-haters will stop using their phones, tablets, and laptops when they discover they’re using Israeli technology? Nah. They won’t give up their Intel devices, and Intel has been in Israel for years. Hypocrisy, thy name is BDS.

Yes, yes it is: Naftali Bennett wants to end the practice of releasing terrorist murderers. There’s a simple way to prevent that from happening. Israel should enact the death penalty for terrorist murders. Boom, no prisoners to release. Israel didn’t go quite that far, but a bill was passed that should make it more difficult to include them in prisoner releases.

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