Wednesday briefs

No, there is no double standard: When Israel expels African migrants who are looking for work (not fleeing persecution or war), the world lashes out and the media launches a thousand stories. When Leban on expels Syrian Palestinians feeling the war–well, the BBC noticed. Human Rights Watch wrote an article about it. I don’t see any big calls from HRW slamming the practice or bashing Lebanon for denying Palestinians their human rights. But then, it’s not Israel doing the deed, and of course, Israeli Double Standard Time is in effect. Why? Because every day runs on Israeli Double Standard Time.

Don’t nakba our nabka, dude: The Tower profiles the history of a Jewish town pre-1948 and post-1948. Gush Etzion is one of the towns that is labeled a “settlement”. The Palestinians claim it as one of their lost villages. And yet, Jews were driven off legally purchased land three times before Israel became a nation. That’s something the new “inakba” app, gleefully covered by Karl Vick (rhymes with “dick”), doesn’t acknowledge. Because history only started when Palestinians were displaced. The Jews who were thrown out of their homes in Hebron in 1929? History, dude. So long ago. Doesn’t matter now, Palestinians took over the town.

Good news/bad news: The good news? The scumbag who hoarded Jewish-owned artworks stolen by the Nazis and then tried to insist that it was his died, so the heirs of the owners will have a better chance at getting back their property. The bad news? Well, there is none. The asshole died. Okay, maybe a little–it is going to depend on whether the thief’s heirs kick up a fuss. The German government is past due on fixing this, but governments tend to be like that with the recovery of looted Jewish property, even all these years later.

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