Monday, briefly

Everything new is old again: Here’s another fine analysis of what’s happening in Russia. Keep Simply Jews on your daily reading list and you won’t miss translations like this.

No, I don’t need a million articles about it: Yes, tragically, some equipment failed and circus performers fell and were hurt. Thankfully, they will all recover. And no, I don’t need it to be the lead article on Google News when you have things like Ukrainians battling Russian forces, 60,000 Syrians are fleeing their homes to avoide more fighting (over 100,000 dead so far, and yet, no Syrian Goldstone Report, go figure), and, gee, so much, much more. But yeah, now that the Malaysian airliner is old news, we have to have something new to distract the journalists with.

Be careful what you wish for: It’s a typical slanted piece about the Palestinians taking Israel to the ICC after the failed peace talks, but Isabel Kershner manages to also discuss at how the Palestinians might get some serious blowback against themselves if they do take Israel to the ICC over settlements. The Shurat Ha-Din is preparing a case against the terrorists. My money is on the Israeli lawyers winning this one. Crimes against humanity? Well, I think suicide bombs, rockets, and mortars beat building new homes for “settlers”.

Priceless. He’s still such a moron: The anti-Israel and anti-Semitic Robert Fisk, whos last name became a verb known the world over for sarcastically taking apart a news article, will never change. He just published a whiny piece (with plenty of slams at Israel) about how Spain is inviting Jews back–who were thrown out in 1492 during the Inquisition–but not Muslims. Let’s think. Hm. Jews entered the country peacefully and established themselves as citizens. Muslims? Well, gee. there was this thing known as the Muslim conquest of Spain. They turned Spain and the region around it into the Muslim nation of “Andalusia“–a nation that Osama bin Laden (among others) wants to bring back. So no, I really can’t think of a single reason why Spain and Portugal are willing to let Jews return, but not Muslims. Oh, Robert Fisk. You so stupid.

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