But don’t call it anti-Semitism

Iran has banned WhatsApp, a messaging site, because its owner is an “American Zionist”.

The Iranian regime has banned access to the WhatsApp messaging site, a popular site for many to communicate both inside and outside the country, stating that a Jewish “American Zionist” owns the site.

The announcement came some two months after Facebook bought the company for a stunning $19 billion, and a regime official connected the move directly to the founder of Facebook.

“The reason for this is the assumption of WhatsApp by the Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who is an American Zionist,” Abdolsamad Khorramabadi, head of the country’s Committee on Internet Crimes, stated.

Of course, that’s their cover story. The real reason? It’s yet another way Iranians can talk among themselves without the regime overhearing their plans–which is a bad thing when you run a tyranny.

One Iranian blogger told FoxNews.com the regime in Tehran is terrified of the power of social media.

“The Revolutionary Guard sees these social sites as a major threat because there’s an appeal for young people and the government worries about the exchange of information,” said the blogger, who asked not to be identified. “(Supreme Leader) Khamenei and his cronies, caught on to the power and potential of these sites after the (Green Revolution) uprisings.”

Oh, don’t worry. If there’s another uprising, Obama will ignore that one, too, just like he did in 2009.

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