Thursday briefs

Left hand, right hand: Why, yes, Hamas is still actively embracing terror as a way to deal with Israel, in spite of its pretense of agreement with Fatah for now. The State Department issued a report about it. But don’t worry, that won’t stop State from telling Israel to negotiate with the Palestinians anyway.

Of course they are: The Palestinians were quick to jump on John Kerry’s new pet word–apartheid–to describe Israel. But then, Saeb Erekat is a master propagandist and liar. (Ha’aretz link, so if you’re not a subscriber you’ll only get the first paragraph. I am not a subscriber and never will be.)

The truth is out there: Even though Reuters is publishing the truth, the media will still lie about the Palestinian unity deal. It’s a sham, and terror leader Mahmoud al-Zahar is happy to tell us. Because he knows that the U.S., the EU, the UN, and the Western media will all ignore the inconvenient facts.

A Palestinian unity deal will not lead Islamist group Hamas to recognize Israel’s right to exist and will not result in any Gaza militants coming under President Mahmoud Abbas’s control, a senior Hamas official said on Tuesday.

They could photograph the Hamas leadership dancing on top of murdered Israeli civilians, and the world would still insist that the Israelis talk to them.

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