More threats, less peace

Mahmoud Abbas doesn’t want peace. All he wants is to give Israel preconditions and ultimatums.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas for the first time spoke about the Palestinian demands for extending peace talks: A three months freeze in settlement construction during which time talks would focus on delineating the border of the future Palestinian state.

“If Israel believes in the two state solution… let us define the borders – where Israel will be and where Palestine will be,” he said in a special press conference to Israel journalists covering peace talks Tuesday.

And what are the Palestinians going to do?

Nothing. Or break up the PA. And they can’t even keep their stories straight on that. The only thing they have perfect unity on? Blaming Israel.

“No Palestinian is speaking of an initiative to dismantle the Palestinian Authority,” Erekat told AFP.

“But Israel’s actions have annulled all the legal, political, security, economic and operational aspects of the prerogatives of the Palestinian Authority,” said Erekat.

Meantime, word is that Kerry and Obama are about a week away from giving up. What took them so long?

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