The Russian bear awakens

Snoopy the Goon has long been on my reading list. He is a former Soviet Jew and knows Russia better than anyone I can think of. This post is a translation of an article by a Belarusian writer.

“There is a feeling that the country is at war – continues the writer – People are wishing each other more victories: ‘And what about Alaska?’ It is scary to switch on the TV. The TV threatens to transform America into a nuclear dust, discusses occupation of the whole of Europe … The media is being “cleaned up” according to the laws of war. Any alternative sources of information that allow other points of view are destroyed. Any word of truth or protest is being equaled to calls for the overthrow of government, unwanted Internet sites are blocked.”

“Whither Russia? Today we prefer war to reforms. The thirst for return of the lost lands drives the minds of millions crazy. The same intelligent and reasonable people who have dreamed about westernized Russia just yesterday. Today they avow in a chorus: ‘For the Crimea we forgive Putin everything!’… We got back not just the Crimea, but the Soviet Union… Putin worked on this for fifteen years. Day after day the TV was reviving Soviet ideas. And we thought they were dead.”

Read it all. It is not a comforting article. Mitt Romney is looking more and more correct about Russia being our biggest international problem. Remember that our president mocked him for that in the debate.

“The Cold War’s been over for 20 years.” Right. And Putin is doing his best to bring it back.

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  1. Thanks for the link and the kind word. Meanwhile the plot thickens as we watch.

  2. eh, Barack “Keanu” Obama takes his foreign policy cues from Mr Brzezinski (whose many achievements include creating the proto-Taliban to kill Russians ..). Brzezinski wrote in The Grand Chessboard (1993) that Ukraine should be cut out of the Russian sphere, part of his reasoning being that it was the birthplace of the Russian Orthodox Church. I guess such a move would be akin to removing wherever the birthplace of $ecular Calvinism was from Unitedstatesian influence ..

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