Changing the narrative

There was a shooting yesterday at a Jewish Community Center in Kansas. The murderer shot a 14-year-old boy and his grandfather in the parking lot. They weren’t even Jewish, which happens more often than you’d think in cases like this. Then he went from the parking lot of the JCC to the assisted living facility and murdered a woman there. He also shot, but missed, others. He was captured on video shouting “Heil Hitler” while being placed in a police car, and has been identified as a racist and anti-Semitic member of the KKI.

The shooting suspect booked into the Johnson County jail as Frazier Glenn Cross is better known as F. Glenn Miller, a southwest Missouri man long known for deeply anti-Semitic and racist statements.

In 2010, he filed as a write-in candidate for the U.S. Senate from Missouri, then bought or tried to buy advertising time on several Missouri radio stations, including at least two in Kansas City. The ads bitterly denounced Jews, the federal government and African-Americans.

“We’ve sat back and allowed the Jews to take over our government, our banks and our media,” one commercial said.

The media is still trying to figure out why he shot three people at two Jewish facilities. Gee, let’s think… shouting “Heil Hitler”… a known neo-Nazi and Jew-hater… Hm. I can’t thnk of why he did it. But immediately after the shooting–immediately after–the Kansas City Star published an editorial that condemned–three guesses–gun violence.

Senseless act of violence at two Jewish centers steals three lives in Overland Park

Scattered within the editorial are words like these:

Even the most modest attempt to curb firearm violence is rebuffed by the gun lobby and its political allies. Talk about helping the mentally ill is rarely backed up with sufficient resources to make a difference.

They are utterly shameless in trying to hijack the story. A man who clearly hates Jews, who has a past of anti-Semitic and racist attacks, murdered three people in two Jewish facilities and would have killed more had he not missed several. So what does the main media center in Kansas City focus on? “Gun violence”. They utterly gloss over the fact that nearly every single Jewish facility in the United States (and abroad) is prepared for attacks by Jew-haters.

Attacks against Jewish-affiliated centers have an ugly, long history, and so preparedness is essential. That became clear on Sunday, as staffs at both facilities apparently responded to the shootings calmly and professionally.

On the eve of Passover, one of the most celebrated Jewish holidays, anger and grief spread across this area and beyond. Passover calls Jews to gather Monday evening for a ritual meal and prayer to celebrate liberation from slavery.

Liberation from gun violence is far less clear.

He used a shotgun. Not a handgun, not an “assault weapon” (the misnomer de jour for semi-automatic rifles and pistols). A shotgun. And he used it in an attempt to murder Jews. But hey, concentrate on “gun violence” instead of the real issue.

And the real issue? Well, let me warn you all: Don’t read the comments on any of the links, or indeed, any of the news articles about this issue. They’ll sicken you even more than these horrible shootings.

In every generation, they rise up against us. Every. Single. One.

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