Friday briefs

He’s done it before: Martin Indyk is trashing Netanyahu and manufacturing an anti-Israel crisis so that Israel will take the blame for the failed negotiations. Remember, more than 80% of American Jews voted for the administration that is doing this. Good job, American Jews. Vote for Shrillary next and see where that gets you.

More reasons to hate the IRS: Now you can be responsible for your dead parents’ debts. Looks like Congress screwed over the taxpayer again when it voted to remove the ten-year statute of limitations on money owed to the federal government. Because debt to Uncle Sam is forever.

A state without a state: The fictional statelet of East Palestine has joined more UN bodies and agreements, including the Geneva Convention. So I guess that means Israel can take them to the ICC over the next terrorist attack? (Shyeah, like they’ll care.) They really don’t get that it’s a two-edged sword, do they?

Is it Bizarro World Day? Really? The head of the Arab League thinks that negotiations are going to resume? Really?

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