Wednesday briefs

Sure, right after you free Tibet: China says Israel should make “brave decisions” about peace talks with the Palestinians. See title.

Of course he does: John Kerry blamed Israel for the failure of the peace talks. But we saw that coming years ago. Israel is calling his words disappointing. That’s diplo-speak. What they really mean is, “WTF JK, y u no blame PA?” (Hint: Because blaming the real obstacle to peace is not the narrative.) On the good news side of things, the U.S. is pulling back from trying to force peace, so there shouldn’t be much more of this garbage.

Well, yeah: Not surprisingly, Peter Criss denies Paul Stanley’s charge of anti-Semitism.

Same-old, same-old: So Obama gets the world to ease off on Iranian sanctions in order to move nuclear negotiations forward. What does Iran’s leader say? Fuck you, world, we’re not giving any concessions, but we’ll pretend to negotiate. Smart power!

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