KISS and anti-Semitism

Well, this is shocking. Two of the four members of the original KISS were anti-Semites, according to Paul Stanley, who, along with Gene Simmons, is Jewish.

Stanley’s book sheds greater light on why he wouldn’t want a full-on reunion, recalling countless past times that Frehley and Criss, who have both had substance-abuse issues, were belligerent and even unable to play.

Stanley also accuses Frehley of stashing drugs “in the bags or pockets of crew members — without their knowledge — so he wasn’t on the hook if they were found.”

Even more shocking are his accusations of anti-Semitism against the pair. Noting that Frehley owned a collection of Nazi memorabilia, and that some of his earliest experiences with Criss involved the drummer racially mocking waiters at Chinese restaurants, Stanley writes that Frehley and Criss resented him and Simmons for controlling the band’s creative output — which Stanley says occurred because Frehley and Criss’ songwriting contributions “just didn’t amount to much.”

“Ace and particularly Peter felt powerless and impotent when faced with the tireless focus, drive and ambition of me and Gene,” Stanley writes. “As a result, the two of them tried to sabotage the band — which, as they saw it, was unfairly manipulated by [us] money-grubbing Jews.”

Stanley reiterated to The Post that yes, he does believe that Frehley and Criss are anti-Semitic.

I believe him, and I can understand why the band broke up. But I can’t believe this moron writing on NJ101.5, my favorite NJ talk radio station.

Frehley, Criss and the Hall of Fame wanted a reunion of the original lineup in full makeup, but Simmons and Stanley refused. KISS now has two other long-standing members in drummer Eric Singer and guitarist Tommy Thayer.

As of now, all four original members will attend the ceremony, but there will be no performance of the band’s music. You would think that after all the time it took to get inducted, and for the sake of their brand and all the legions of fans who support them, Kiss could put aside their differences for one night and play together.

Sure, because standing on the same stage with people who hate you for what you are–one of whom collects memorabilia from the movement responsible for the largest mass-murder of Jews in history–is totally unimportant compared to what music fans want.

I’ll be interested in hearing Gene Simmons’ opinion on the accusations of anti-Semitism. But those are not things that a Jew can miss. I stopped going to a very good friend’s in-laws’ house on Christmas Eve (when I used to drop off presents for my “niece” and “nephew”) because her father-in-law didn’t like Jews. I overlooked it as long as I could, but one year, he made a joke about Jews and ovens that shocked and silence everyone there. They called him out on it. But I told my friend that was it for me setting foot in that house ever again.

Yeah, I understand why Stanley doesn’t want to stand next to them. Particularly Frehley.

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  1. mrzee says:

    Gene Simmons said he wouldn’t take part in the induction ceremonies because it was unfair to the current members, Thayer and Singer not to be included.

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