Monday briefs

They don’t even try to hide it: Why should they? The world never penalizes nations and terrorist groups that target Jews. But good old Chipmunk Cheeks Nasrallah, from his secure, undisclosed location (where he lives in constant fear of assassination by the IDF), bragged that the attack on Israeli troops on the Israel-Syria border was done by Hezbollah. He says it was to teach Israel a lesson. And oh, Israel learned it all right. They now pound any position that fires on Israelis.

That tired, old “cycle of violence”: Israel attacked terror sites in Gaza in response to rocket fire–again. And CNN is “picking up” the habit of using “scare quotes” from the Brits, I think.

Israeli warplanes struck five targets in Gaza on Saturday evening in “retaliation” for what a military spokesman called “terrorist aggression.”

Four of the “targeted … terror sites” were in northern Gaza while one was in southern Gaza, according to the Israel Defense Forces. Lt. Col. Peter Lerner, a military spokesman, said the strikes were “precision” and “intelligence-based.”

Way to go, “news” reporting site.

This is why there will not be peace: Saab Erekat, who lies just about every time he opens his mouth, says that Hamas is not, and has not ever been, a terror group.

“I hereby declare, in the make of President Mahmoud Abbas and the directorate of Fatah, that Hamas is a Palestinian movement, and is not and never was a terror group,” Erekat added.

This is actually not a lie–for him. The Palestinians believe that what we call terror is their “resistance”–even to the murdering of children.

Which is why there will not be peace.

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