Late Caturday post

It’s been one of those times. So here’s a cat picture or three.

A selfie with Tig, while he jumped onto my lap for a hug. Yep, he’s heavy.

Tig and Meryl

Tig and Meimei. I was trying to get him to play with her by luring her next to him with her feather toy (a.k.a. “the birdie”). It’s fascinating how she plays with different toys differently. She grabs the feather end and shakes it, like she would a bird, then she chews on it. With the rabbit-fur strip on a stick, she grabs it and tries to eviscerate it.

Tig and Meimie

Last night, a little playtime before bed. I woke up to only one cat toy in my bed this morning. She’s been bringing them to me and dropping them in my bed, probably mewing at me to wake up. I haven’t been waking up.

Meimei and feather toy

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2 Responses to Late Caturday post

  1. Elisson says:

    Tig is one massive cat. What do he weigh? Is he bigger than Stella, who is no peanut herself?

  2. He’s nineteen pounds. He should probably be around 15.

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