Yet another unfair deal for Israel

I don’t understand why Israel continues to make such one-sides deals. I’ve never been able to understand it. Now, in order to keep the peace talks going, Israel is going to release hundreds of convicted terrorists, freeze settlement construction again, and in return, they get the Palestinians to continue talking instead of trying to create a state by going around Israel and the U.S. via UN bodies.

Oh, and they’re freeing Jonathan Pollard. John Kerry really wants that Nobel Peace Prize.

Convicted spy for Israel Jonathan Pollard will be freed from a US jail before Passover, which begins April 14, a senior Israeli source familiar with ongoing peace negotiations with the Palestinians said Tuesday. The deal would also see hundreds of Palestinian prisoners released by Israel and the Palestinians agreeing to extend talks into 2015.

I just don’t know what to say anymore.

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One Response to Yet another unfair deal for Israel

  1. Gary Rosen says:

    Freeing Pollard so they can say they did something for Israel without actually doing anything for Israel. Then they are free to put more pressure on Israel, as if they wouldn’t have done that anyway.

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