Take that, Mad Mahmoud

Holocaust deniers are perhaps the sleaziest of all anti-Semites. This won’t make them any less sleazy, but it is a nice big thumb in the eye for all the assholes who deny the millions of pieces of evidence that the Holocaust happened.

Because now they’ve got proof of Treblinka’s gas chambers.

In the series “One is Treblinka: Hitler’s Killing Machine” Caroline Sturdy Colls, a forensic archaeologist from Staffordshire University in the UK, uncovers new scientific evidence on the existence and mechanism of the death camp.

Why has it taken so long? Because the Germans, who knew what they were doing was so horribly wrong, tried desperately to cover up evidence of the death camps as the war came to an end.

SS chief Heinrich Himmler’s men destroyed all structures, filled in and leveled the earth above, and even installed a Ukrainian “farmer” in a newly built farmhouse. Viewed from the ground and from the air, Treblinka appeared as peaceful farmland and forest, without barracks or gas chambers and marked later only be a stone monument.

Oh, I don’t think that this will convince the anti-Semitic assholes like Khameini, Mad Mahmoud, and the Davids Duke and Irving. But it’s one more piece of evidence to throw in the faces of the deniers, and watch them stammer and hem and haw and explain how a death camp was not a death camp.

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