The irony, it is huge: Iranians are telling their leaders to be more like Israel. Yes, really. Pakistani terrorists murdered a kidnapped Iranian border guard when Iran refused to release hundreds of Sunni prisoners in Iranian jails. Iranians point out that Israel freed 1,027 terrorists in return for Gilad Shalit. Yes, but as Jews, we love life. Islamic terrorists proclaim they love death. There’s the difference in a nutshell, although, let’s face it: Israel isn’t run by nutty jihadis. That’s why Gilad Shalit is free and that poor border guard is dead.

Oh, that will stop them: Amnesty thinks it has some kind of power over how Israel deals with violent protestors. It’s warning Israel. Yes, really. The exact wording? “Israel must not use violence to quash Land Day demonstrations on Sunday.” It should totally be peaceful.

Last year protesters around the country numbered in the thousands with many carrying Palestinian flags and chanting “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” and “with blood and fire, we will liberate al-Aksa,” among other chants.

In other words, Amnesty has already written the report and will be filling in the blanks where the names and incidents should be.

Gee, no way this goes wrong: Israel is working with Turkey to hammer out a deal to enable building materials into Gaza for a hospital. Because it’s not like terrorists from Turkey don’t work with Hamas, or anthing (Mavi Marvara, anyone?). And it’s not like Hamas is building giant tunnels that would enable a squad of terrorists to rush into Israel and murder civilians and kidnap soldiers, or anything.

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