No Jewish state for you!

The Arab League has categorically denied that Jews belong in the Middle East, history notwithstanding. (And someone at the AP is going to get fired over the truth in this headline.)

Arab League rejects Israel as Jewish homeland
Arab leaders said Wednesday they will never recognize Israel as a Jewish state, blaming it for a lack of progress in the Mideast peace process.

The statement, which came at the end of a two-summit in Kuwait, also rejected what the Arab League described as the continuation of Jewish settlement building in the West Bank and the “Judaization” of Jerusalem.

The League’s announcement that it will not recognize Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people rejects a key demand of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Mideast peace talks.

This is not exactly news. The Arab world has never accepted Israel as a state within its midst, and will probably never do so. Remember the “Three No’s of Khartoum” after Israel won the Six-Day War? No negotiation, no recognition, and no peace with Israel. What’s different now? They pretend to negotiate, and they pretend they want peace. The reality is they want one state called “Palestine”, and they don’t want any Jews in it. Pundits fantasize that it was different, but it had never been any better. They are aided by the anti-Israel media, which passes along the lies of Mahmoud Abbas, who says the Israelis aren’t negotiating in good faith, while in the same breath refusing to negotiate at all.

“We want a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital based on the 1967 borders, that would be independent and have sovereignty of its own land, airspace, borders, water and resources, as well as a just and acceptable solution for the issue of the refugees,” he said.

The PA president said the Palestinians were waiting for American proposals that were in accordance with international law, as well as for a “defined timeframe that is not open for interpretations.”

As for sharing the Temple Mount? Yeah, forget about that.

Addressing the issue of the fight over the Temple Mount, Abbas said he objects to dividing visiting time and area on the Mount between Jews and Muslims, noting there is coordination with both Jordan and Morocco on the topic.

How this will be spun, of course, is that Benjamin Netanyahu is a hard-line right-winger who is deliberately setting up obstacles so there will be no peace. John Kerry and Barack Obama will happily repeat this lie, and the anti-Israel media begins its cycle anew.

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  1. Gary Rosen says:

    They’re only 3-4000 years too late trying to stop the “Judaization” of Jerusalem.

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