The Useless UN

Once again, the UN Human Wrongs Council is ignoring what’s really wrong with the world and focusing on–you guessed it–Israel.

The United Nations Human Rights Council debated five anti-Israel resolutions — including one that calls for a business boycott of West Bank settlements and Jewish neighborhoods of east Jerusalem — during its Monday meeting in Geneva.

During the UNHRC’s entire 25th session this month, it is voting on only one resolution on Syria even though over 120,000 people have been killed in its ongoing civil war. Similarly there was only one resolution against the regime in Tehran which has executed over 80 people this year.

There are also two reports being submitted on Israel’s settlements. Yes, two. One by Ban Ki Moon, one by disgusting Jew-hating Jew, Richard Falk, who is accusing Israel of “ethnically cleansing” the Palestinians. The fact that Syrian jihadis are literally murdering and forcibly converting Ethnically cleansing Syria’s Christians? Didn’t garner a mention.

Business as usual at the Human Wrongs Council. So glad that Obama got us back on it, because it made such a huge difference.

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