What those building materials actually do in Gaza

One of the things the anti-Israel forces hammer on the most is that Israel won’t let building materials like cement into Gaza, so the Palestinians can’t rebuild their homes or fix things like power plants. Pure nonsense. Because this is where that cement is going. To terror tunnels built to kidnap Israelis and launch attacks from underground.

While no weapons were found in the tunnel, the military source claimed “it has more advanced branching than previous tunnels.” He further added: “The tunnel is of high quality and it seems much thought was put into it and it was designed for a significant attack, such as kidnapping or any other major attack.”

Most of the tunnel parts are between eight and nine meters underground, however some part of the tunnel are deeper and reach 20 meters under the surface.

In addition to a generator, the Hamas activists who dug the tunnel also left in it tools used to line the tunnel with cement as well as shielding gear, and the IDF estimates that the tunnel was constructed for months on end.

This is why Israel doesn’t let cement through the crossing. And this is why Israel’s enemies want to end the Gaza blockade–to make it easier for Hamas to conduct war.

Hamas’ military wing issued a warning to the IDF, saying the Palestinian resistance knows how to claim a heavy price from Israel. Qassam Brigades’ spokesman Abu Ubaidah stressed that the preparedness of the resistance organizations in Gaza is a part of the protection of the Palestinian people from “repeated Israeli aggression.”

The IDF told Israel Radio on Thursday evening that Hamas was preparing underground outposts and command centers ahead of the possibility of an Israel ground invasion into the Gaza Strip.

Let us not forget that the terrorists that captured Gilad Shalit went through a tunnel from Gaza. This is what Hamas wants, because they got over a thousand terrorists in exchange for one Israeli soldier.

Remember this the next time you hear another claim about Gaza’s horrible humanitarian crisis. Hamas steals the cement that is supposed to go to Palestinians to rebuild their homes, and creates terror tunnels with it.

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